Did I ever…? I mean , was there ever a time…? Tell me, did I ever for a second…? I just want to know…? Lie to me if you have to… I need to know…   Please tell me, that I once made your world spin… Feed my broken soul and tell me I once … More


Where am I, WAIT Who am I? You took a part of me with you, and I don’t know the part left. Who am I in this place that looks familiar, Yet so strange without you, I am in constant  conflict with myself as to who I am, I don’t know who I am without … More LOST


BUSY , BUSY , BUSY I am a busy BEE, busy trying to scratch off items on my ” TO DO LIST” BUT somehow they keep pilling up. BUSY,BUSY,BUSY Trying to be a great student, a good leader, an awesome daughter, a lovely sister, an amazing friend,   BUSY,BUSY,BUSY GOSH , this life thing is … More BREATH AND LIVE


  Recent events have compelled women to share gruesome stories on how they were molested and abused. What makes it worse or hurt more is that most of this crimes were committed by trusted individuals who were meant to protect women:  (fathers,boyfriends,cousins,husbands,uncles,friends). More painful was that most of these women had to live with this … More NO HOPE FOR WOMEN


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SIMPLICITY is the glory of  expression Is it to much to ask for? I mean the simple things in life? I am complex in a simple manner and quite hard to please if you try too hard. Life is really simple but we insist on making it complicated.…